Installation Pakets for Red Hat and Ubuntu

  • Easy installation via well known linux mechanism

Server Management

  • Monitoring of services
  • Start and stop services
  • Shut down and reboot system
  • Setting system time and synchronizing with a timeserver
  • Supported maintainance by saving configurations, show log files and send alert messages

Network Configuration

  • Basic settings
  • SNMP Configuration

Aministration of Users and Groups

  • Authentification via LDAP, Active Directory or own authentification servers
  • User administration with basic settings for email and groupware server
  • Creating and administration of groups

Mailserver Management

  • Postfix mailserver configuration
  • Creating email aliases
  • Displaying and editing mail queues
  • Retrieving emails from externel mail servers via Fetchmail

Groupware Management

  • Resource management
  • Backup and restore emails, calendars, tasks and contacts
  • Groupware specific mailserver settings
  • Licence management (for commercial versions)

Anti Virus and Anti Spam Configuration

  • ClamAV
  • SpamAssassin