11.03.15 16:45 Alter: 3 yrs

Release of yaffas 1.5.0 Beta 1

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of yaffas-1.5.0_beta1.

The highlights include support for Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty),  Zarafa 7.1.11 (Changelog) and z-push-2.2.

Other notable improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Support for whitelisting full networks in the Mailserver Security Module.
  • Support for connecting to ActiveDirectory environements with non-standard Workgroups.
  • Support for authenticated LDAP binds in WebApp's password change module (thanks to Sven Auhagen for the Patch)
  • The timezone selection dialog is now more robust.
  • The fetchmail module now supports delivery to aliases and arbitrary mail addresses.
  • The network configuration module got more tolerant to changes in network configuration files.
  • The certificate management module now handles intermediate certificates as well as windows line breaks in certificates.
  • There have been several changes to improve usability (e.g. display of proper Zarafa version)


A list of all relevant tickets can be found in our issue tracker.

Further documentation can be found in our updated documentation.


RedHat/Centos 5:


RedHat/Centos 6:


Debian 6:


Debian 7:


Ubuntu 10.04:


Ubuntu 12.04:


Ubuntu 14.04:


If you encounter any dependency problems on RHEL-based systems, please refer to the relevant documentation chapter regarding clamav and amavisd.

Under certain circumstances, WebApp-2.0 will not automatically be installed on Debian-/Ubuntu-based systems.

In this case, installation has to be started manually:

  apt-get install zarafa-webapp=2*

Please also note that RHEL5 and Ubuntu 10.04 do not receive updates to WebApp 2.0 as Zarafa does not provide the relevant packages anymore.