01.04.14 22:46 Alter: 4 yrs

Release of the first beta version yaffas 1.4.0

Kategorie: Nachrichten

The highlights include Debian 7 (wheezy) support, Zarafa 7.1.9 and a re-worked mail alias management system. The latter allows for creation of aliases to arbitrary target mail addresses and allows for direct delivery to public folders.

Other notable improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fresh SSL certificates are now generated upon first installation. Important: If you have never regenerated certificates or uploaded your own certificates, please do so now. Otherwise the confidentiality of the SSL connections cannot be guaranteed! (see documentation, chapter 2.2 Certificate / Key Management).
  • A critical postfix problem on Ubuntu systems has been worked around (this only affected systems which used SSL-secured LDAP such as Active Directory environments)
  • Setting up fetchmail multidrop is now possible in the UI.
  • Permitting external LDAP access to the yaffas server has been fixed to work on Debian-based systems again.
  • Specifying multiple DNS servers in the network configuration works now.
  • Mail > Security: The date of the last successful clamav signature update is now displayed.
  • Zarafa > Subscriptions: under certain circumstances, an unwanted error message could have been shown, which has now been silenced.
  • amavis' spam/virus quarantine has now been disabled as there are currently no tools to administer it through the UI.
  • The limit for the maximum mail size can now be set to 0 (unlimited).
  • Smarthosts on ports other than 25 can now be specified.
  • Errors which happen during upload of certificates or restoration of previously saved configurations are now properly displayed to the user in all circumstances.
  • Adding mail domains with single-char components (such as a.example.org) is now possible.
  • Usability and design have been further improved in several areas.


A list of all fixed tickets can be found in our bug tracker.

More information can be found in the documentation, which has also been revised both graphically and content-wise.


RedHat/Centos 5:


RedHat/Centos 6:


Debian 6:


Debian 7:


Ubuntu 10.04:


Ubuntu 12.04:


If you encounter any dependency problems on RHEL-based systems, please refer to the relevant documentation chapter regarding clamav and amavisd.