07.07.16 06:15 Alter: 2 yrs

Announcement: bitbone AG stops support of development of yaffas.org!

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After many years of successful supporting of yaffas, we announce to stop our assistance of this project to the 31. December 2016.

Because of the success of yaffas, it was not an easy decision. But different circumstances do not allow any further support from our point of view.

Since the discontinuation of our development on bitkit|SOLUTIONS (31. December 2015), there is missing a significant reason for cooperation on yaffas by bitbone AG. Even Zarafa already stopped the support of yaffas project and discontinued the development of Z-Admin, which is based on yaffas like bitkit|SOLUTIONS.

Therefore we decided to focus on Univention Corporate Server (UCS), to guarantee an adequate support for Open-Source-Projects.

What are the next steps?

After 31 December 2016 bitbone AG will stop developing yaffas and wont provide security-patches for it anymore. Yaffas works without any update-support, but using the systems without updates is not recommendable.

Migration on UCS

In the past two years bitbone AG intensified the cooperation with Univention and developed two products for UCS Corporate Server by now. Thereby we gained a lot of experience with UCS and finally received the impulse to change from yaffas to UCS.

Anyone who already visited the Univention App Center, has noticed how fast the ecological system around Univention is growing. There are a lot of applications to install by buttton press on a UCS, for example Zarafa. This solution with its surroundings provide more opportunities than we could have achieved with another yaffas-development.

Therefore we support an exchange to UCS. If you need any support for this, you can contact us directly at sales@bitbone.de .